Ever think about traveling to Chad? Now is not a good time as the weather is still very hot. Right now, the left over heat from dry season mixing with the high humidity of rainy season coming makes it awfully muggy. Later on, as rainy season starts to feel nicer, it is still not a good time to travel because many of the roads become very muddy and some become impassable. The country is working on paving many of the roads, which is very nice, but they still have a long way to go. After rainy season is over, about September-October, it is still not a good time visit Chad because the temperatures start to rise and there is still a lot of humidity left over from rainy season.

So WHEN would anyone want to travel to Chad. Spend your New Year’s celebration there. The air is finally dry and there is a couple of months of cooler (80-90F) weather. But don’t get stuck there too long or your flight out may be canceled due to harmattan. That’s when there is so much dust in the air that the planes can’t see enough to land on the runway. 🙂