Chad, AfricaThere are some hospitals in the capital, and one of the things that we liked about moving into Mongo many years ago was that there was also a hospital there. But as we became more familiar with these places, we realized that it was not a place that we would want to go to be treated. So the book, “Where There Is No Doctor” became a very important and well used book for our family’s health issues.

We have a good friend in Mongo who had a baby girl who was ill. They took her to the hospital where she was treated and was growing worse. After we called a trusted doctor friend of ours with the baby’s symptoms, he said she is likely having a bad reaction to the penicillin. The family took her to another hospital far away where she was likely treated with penicillin again. Unfortunately the baby died. Another person came in with a broken arm and was subsequently treated for malaria. Another girl came in badly burned and was treated and sent home with the prescription to eat chicken.

But in order not to sound like it’s all bad, we have been to a hospital in the capital for testing my thyroid. This was done by a Korean Doctor working there. We also had a friend who had the tip of her finger cut off while we were in Mongo. She went to the hospital there and had it fixed, and it did heal pretty well. In the past 5 years, there has also been a new hospital in the capital that is run by a couple who are missionaries from England. This is the best hospital in the country.