The Walrus Mountain Chad, AfricaAs a missionary in Chad, and in most 3rd world settings, there is rarely any understanding for the need of some degree of privacy. From early morning to late in the evening, there’s always the potential to have visitors. Whether it is welcomed or at the worst possible time, there isn’t much you can do but receive them graciously. As much as we wanted to spend time with or help the people who would come, sometimes we just wanted to have some family time without the possibility of hands clapping outside our door. That’s the way the local people “knock”.
So we have really enjoyed the times that we would take a short drive after the heat of the day and enjoy the peace and quiet. We would often take a leisure hike up the nearby mountain. Besides the baboons that we could hear sometimes (and threatened us once), there was usually nothing else around to interrupt the solitude and serenity of the moment.