Cotton spinner in Chad, AfricaDuring one of Art’s times in a nearby Dadjo village a few years ago, he came across an older man who wanted to show Art his handiwork. Art was more than happy to learn of this man’s expertise, so on his next visit there, he brought his camera and listened, learned and took photos of this man’s work with raw cotton. It was a great time to watch this man turning puffy cotton into a fine thread. He placed the cotton balls on a board and rolled the seeds out with a skinny metal bar. He then stuck the cleaned cotton on a stick and pulled thin threads out, twisting it as he pulled. With the finished thread, he wound it around a long spool, examining it carefully to make sure that there were no thick areas and that it was all uniform in appearance and quality. He is one of the last cotton spinners known of in the region, which is a shame, as the art of doing this by hand will soon enough be lost in our area of Africa.