Task complete

Art’s trip to Chad went very, very well. He arrived home very exhausted from the many sleepless nights with the extreme heat of Chad’s hot season as well as the jet lag, and he also came home a bit sick with a tummy bug he caught there. But in the end, he is very happy with the results of this trip. Even with a day of computer problems, he was able to finish testing the rest of the book of Acts with the villagers, as well as spend time visiting Chadian friends and colleagues. We are so thankful for that and for everyone who helped to make this possible for us and for the Dadjo. We will have more to share in our next newsletter that comes out in the next month or two.

2 thoughts on “Task complete

  1. Glad to hear the progress continues, and you’re home safe. Can you provide a link for financial support?

    Take care, and Blessings! Our love to the family!

    John & Audrey

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