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The Question Everyone asks: What Millet Should I Grow?

Two different kinds of Millet, Chad, AfricaNow that rainy season in gone, although the humidity still lingers, the first harvest is ready for the people of Chad.

There are two harvest seasons because of the different millet (the main food staple) that the people in central Chad grow: red millet, which handles a drier rainy season better, and white millet, which handles a wetter season better.

Of course if the season is perfect, both grow great. A friend of ours had it bad for a few years. One year, it was just plain dry and nothing wanted to grow. The following year, he planted more white millet than red assuming another bad year. Unfortunately for him, it rained too much and drowned almost his whole crop. So the next year he went after the red millet, and you can guess what happened. It was too dry, and the red millet died leaving his family with another very poor harvest.:(

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market place

While we were last in Chad, the government was constructing a new site for the marketplace in Mongo.  They finished building all the structures for the boutiques and layed a nice walk area around the market.  So we were surprised that, as the months went on, the vendors were still selling at the old market.  This went on for a couple of years with the old market still busy as ever and the new place more of a ghost town.  So it’s good to finally hear that very recently some of the vendors are starting to move over to the new site.  There are still many at the old market, but maybe at this pace, next year will have the new site crawling with business and the old one a ghost town.

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Translating Predicaments

Last week, Art came across a verse in Acts that mentions 4 words that can almost be taken as synonyms. This becomes especially hard to translate into a language that doesn’t have all the descriptive words that Greek does, or English, French, or most other well developed languages. For example, we have the words “beautiful, pretty, elegant, etc.” Dadjo only have “good” to cover all of those. The verse in Acts mentioned the words, “adore, worship, praise and thank” all together. How much fun do you think Art had with translating that?!

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