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Back in Chad

It has been a week now since Art arrived in Chad, and after visiting people in the capital, filling out paperwork for being in country, and another day of travel to the village, he was finally able to start some work with the translation team last Saturday. Since then (apart from Sunday) he has spent everyday going over several chapters of Acts with the team, and twice so far they were able to take the stories from Acts to different villages to test the accuracy of their translation. Today’s testings have been going well.

On a casual note, Art was able to visit several people last Sunday, and while he was visiting with some of these people, it rained! Being hot season still, the rain was so welcoming and brought the temps down a good 10F/5C degrees for a couple of days. Now it’s creeping back up to 110F/43.3C.

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Boko Haram Strikes Back (Threatening Chad)

chad, africa newsIn January, we mentioned Chad’s involvement in fending off the group Boko Haram. We were encouraged to read about Chad’s decision to help their neighbors against this group and even more so, their success. Now we are hearing in the news that Boko Haram is threatening to send suicide bombers to Chad and Niger if they continue to fight against them. Read more about it here Please pray for Chad and other neighboring countries that have joined in trying to stop this militant group.

Visit the official Dadjo Ministry website here.

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Our Country Made It in the News!

newsWe were quite surprised last week when, looking at headlines on the news, we saw the country of Chad mentioned. Chad! We almost never hear of Chad on the news. Most people probably wonder who this guy Chad is that we keep talking about because they have never heard of the country before.

What many of you probably have heard about is Boko Haram. They are not in Chad, but they have made their presence known in the neighboring countries of Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon. So we were quite interested to find out that Chad has sent soldiers into Cameroon to try and help in holding Boko Haram back in their attacks and kidnappings of civilians. Although it’s going to take a lot of help from a variety of countries, Chad’s involvement seems to have made a difference. Way to go, Chad!

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The Question Everyone asks: What Millet Should I Grow?

Two different kinds of Millet, Chad, AfricaNow that rainy season in gone, although the humidity still lingers, the first harvest is ready for the people of Chad.

There are two harvest seasons because of the different millet (the main food staple) that the people in central Chad grow: red millet, which handles a drier rainy season better, and white millet, which handles a wetter season better.

Of course if the season is perfect, both grow great. A friend of ours had it bad for a few years. One year, it was just plain dry and nothing wanted to grow. The following year, he planted more white millet than red assuming another bad year. Unfortunately for him, it rained too much and drowned almost his whole crop. So the next year he went after the red millet, and you can guess what happened. It was too dry, and the red millet died leaving his family with another very poor harvest.:(

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No, We Don’t Have Ebola.

Is there Ebola in Chad, Africa?With all the activity that is going on in Africa, Chad is still a relatively safe place to travel (if one would ever want to in the first place). There are many African countries that have rebel activity and attempted coups, and although Chad is not exempt from that, it is currently still stable enough to visit.
On a different note, with the ebola outbreak in some west African countries, some may wonder how this affects those in Chad. We have heard news from other missionary friends that there have been some cases of ebola in Nigeria which borders Chad. There are still no incidences of the disease in Chad, but some Westerners who work close to the Nigerian border, although they are not evacuating, they are taking precautions and developing a contingency plan in the case it does creep a little too close.

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Make a hut in 5 steps

Almost all Chadians live in huts: “houses” made of mud-brick. The Dadjo people are included. The huts are about four feet tall and circular, with a thatched roof (roof made of sticks/hay).

  1. First, the Chadians take mud, and mix it with hay, or straw. This helps it to stay together.
  2. Then they shape the mud with molds. They want to make the mud into a usable, brick like form.
  3. After that, the people put the molded mud out in the sun to dry. They usually don’t bake them. The cheapest thing to do is to “sun bake” them.
  4. When the mud is nice and dry, they start building the hut. They pile the mud bricks to make a circular room with an opening for the door.
  5. After that, the Chadians put a thatched roofing on top.

Big families can live in these things because the huts serve as more of a shelter. The people almost always sleep outside, where it’s cooler. The yards, where the huts are located, are often surrounded by a wall, also made of stick like fencing. They do this to keep unwanted visitors away. In larger villages, or small towns like Mongo, people use mud brick to make their walls. Please comment!
Chadian huts

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seasons changing

Weather in Chad Africa, harvest timeOctober marks the end of rainy season in Chad. We have yet to find out how the crops will do as they finish ripening over the next couple of months. As I’ve mentioned months ago, rainy season had a fairly dry start this year, so many people didn’t lay seed down as early as desired. Tomorrow’s temperature in Chad’s capital will be 100F, and for the next couple of months, the temps will start to rise again, but this time, there is high humidity left over from the rains. This makes the last quarter of the year uncomfortably sweaty and sticky. One more reason to look forward to Christmas. That’s about the time when the best weather makes its way over Chad. If anyone is ever looking to visit Chad, between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is the time to go.

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