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Almost There! Consultant checking for the book of Acts

There are only a 2 more days of checking left for the book of Acts! We were hoping that around 12 chapters would be done in these two weeks(there are 28 altogether), but the work has been slower than desired. It seems that the consultant checking would go faster and smoother if the original back-translator would be available for these times of checking, but it has not worked out for him to participate in this way for quite some time now. We are thankful for the replacement back-translator and pray not only that he would be a good help for translation, but that he would be touched in an eye-opening way as he hears God’s Word spoken to him for the first time.

Back-translator: A person who interprets a document previously translated into another language back to the original language.

For example, he translates verses written in Dadjo back into French to see if the Dadjo translation is good.

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Checking the Book of Acts (finally)

We received news that one of the Chad language teams is unable to keep their scheduled time with the consultant. We are so thankful that the consultant is opening up this new vacancy time for us, and the Dadjo team, to start on the book of Acts. We were thinking it would be another year before Acts could be scheduled to begin the final phase of consultant checking, so we were both surprised and very pleased to hear of the news. We have two weeks for this, starting at the end of March, so although it is not long enough to finish the whole book if Acts, we should be able to get a considerable amount done (if everything goes well).

On another note, we are also thankful that Boko Haram has not made recent attacks in Chad in the past 2-3 months. Unfortunately, they are still making deadly attacks in the neighboring country of Nigeria. Just a week ago, they attacked and killed over 60 villagers including women and children.
The Sydney Morning Herald


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More Suicide Bombers

We have received news of another recent attack in Chad’s capital. According to reuters, an international news agency headquartered in England, “A man dressed in a woman’s burqa blew himself up in the main market in Chad’s capital N’Djamena early on Saturday, killing 15 people and injuring 80, a police spokesman said. No group immediately claimed responsibility but Chad has blamed Boko Haram, the Islamist militant group based in neighbouring Nigeria, for a series of bombings and shootings in recent weeks.”
This is a repeat of what happened a month ago. Last time there were two attacks at the police headquarters, and this time it was in the main market. There was also an attack on a village at Lake Chad where Boko Haram killed 6 people. We were very saddened to hear of the attacks last time, yet also relieved that Art had just returned from his trip to Chad a few weeks earlier. As far as we know, our colleagues from other missions still have no plans to evacuate the country, although we know of one stateside who has been told to delay her return to Chad.
We continue to be sickened with what is happening regarding these incidents and others like them in neighboring countries, and ask for your prayers that there would be an end to this violence.

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Suicide Bomber Attack

Yesterday, there were some attacks on two police installations in N’Djamena, with possibly 27 people dead and over a hundred injured. It is still unknown who is responsible for these attacks, but government officials believe that it is Boko Haram. Chad has been engaged in fighting against Boko Haram for several months now along with Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon. Although this is sad and frightening news for the country, and for our colleagues and friends there, we are thankful that Art is back home, and that he was able to meet all of his goals while in Chad last month. Please remember to pray for peace for Chad and for many to be drawn to the one true God no matter what takes place.

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Back in Chad

It has been a week now since Art arrived in Chad, and after visiting people in the capital, filling out paperwork for being in country, and another day of travel to the village, he was finally able to start some work with the translation team last Saturday. Since then (apart from Sunday) he has spent everyday going over several chapters of Acts with the team, and twice so far they were able to take the stories from Acts to different villages to test the accuracy of their translation. Today’s testings have been going well.

On a casual note, Art was able to visit several people last Sunday, and while he was visiting with some of these people, it rained! Being hot season still, the rain was so welcoming and brought the temps down a good 10F/5C degrees for a couple of days. Now it’s creeping back up to 110F/43.3C.

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visit to Chad

Early this morning, Art started his long flight back to Chad once again. He’ll be away for almost three weeks in hopes to finish testing the book of Acts, the second to last step before publication. He wanted to finish all of the necessary revisions in Acts before leaving, but unfortunately, the last chapter still needs a lot of work. Ideally, it would be great if the translation team could work on this last chapter together with Art there between the “testing” sessions of the previous chapters.
We are so thankful for everyone who is making this trip possible for Art and for all the prayers for us and the Dadjo people!

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Getting Back to Chad

It’s time for Art to begin preparations for another trip to Chad in May. in the meantime, he is working hard to have the second half of the book of Acts ready for testing in Dadjo villages. There are many things to do to prepare for this trip as well as much praying. As we look ahead to May, we are also keeping our eyes and ears open to any unrest in and around Chad that may interrupt these plans. The news that we hear of so far is positive. Troops from Chad and Niger have made progress in moving Boko Haram into retreat, but we are also cautious knowing that these troops are dealing with a very violent Islamist militant group.

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