Almost all Chadians live in huts: “houses” made of mud-brick. The Dadjo people are included. The huts are about four feet tall and circular, with a thatched roof (roof made of sticks/hay).

  1. First, the Chadians take mud, and mix it with hay, or straw. This helps it to stay together.
  2. Then they shape the mud with molds. They want to make the mud into a usable, brick like form.
  3. After that, the people put the molded mud out in the sun to dry. They usually don’t bake them. The cheapest thing to do is to “sun bake” them.
  4. When the mud is nice and dry, they start building the hut. They pile the mud bricks to make a circular room with an opening for the door.
  5. After that, the Chadians put a thatched roofing on top.

Big families can live in these things because the huts serve as more of a shelter. The people almost always sleep outside, where it’s cooler. The yards, where the huts are located, are often surrounded by a wall, also made of stick like fencing. They do this to keep unwanted visitors away. In larger villages, or small towns like Mongo, people use mud brick to make their walls. Please comment!
Chadian huts

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