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We just received news this morning that a good friend in Chad died last night. He was a big, yet very kind Dadjo man who has always been very helpful in gathering people to help test different portions of translated Scripture. Art got to know him over the years and has helped him several times getting medicine for a heart condition that he’s suffered from. Art has been able to spend time visiting with him on his visits back to Chad, and this friend shared with Art how he’s been reading the newly translated Scriptures. We pray that he took to heart God’s Word before his end came and that his family would be comforted and provided for in their loss.

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As we are excitedly anticipating the arrival of some good friends from Chad this evening, I’m reminded of the importance of prayer.  When we were living in Chad, we would always let friends know of our travel plans so that they could pray for our trip.  And we likewise did the same for them.  Travel was not an easy thing, with rough roads, sometimes breakdowns, and sometimes also Continue Reading>>

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